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Month: June 2010

Meet The Barnards

This is Steph, Jez, James & Tommy and boy oh boy, they are one VERY spunky bunch indeed! I first met Steph last year when she was pregnant with the cutie batootie Tommy. Steph and Jez shine with love and respect for each other, their boys and all that they do. It’s always ace to spend time with them, especially on a sunny Melbourne morning with my new 50mm 1.2L lens. We got together last week for our 3rd shoot and as you will see there was plenty of running around, getting flung in the air and some cuddles. There was some serious cheeky face action from James, he’s such a little firecracker. These guys have more energy that a packet of Pop Tarts! Then, Tommy fell asleep and it was time to call it a wrap. I have a favourite shot, can you guess it? Let me know yours. *WARNING* some serious blue eyes coming at ya. Tommy in the tummy (shoot #1) Tommy arrives – bless (shoot #2) I had to show you this little darling and stunning – just gave birth but my house is spotless –...

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Winter Wine Festival 2010, Red Hill

I had this really weird dream recently, you see, I was with some wonderful people staying at this amazing house for a weekend. During the course of the weekend we sampled an array of wines (and food) at a local wine festival. After the festival we spent an evening eating, drinking, lazing infront of the fire and watching the world cup soccer. The next day there was a spectacular hot breakfast spread before us, followed by an equally spectacular pile of dirty dishes. Then, it was off to some fine dining at a rather fancy restaurant. Followed by another night at the amazing house for yet another feast. In between all this eating were naps, playing on the iPod and some nice walks in the beautiful surrounds. I surely must have been dreaming, right? If only the dirty dishes didn’t give it away. Here are a selection of some shots from our recent trip to Red Hill in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula wine region. Featured in the shots are Andrew, Adrian, Greg, Maxine, Steve and the newest, and arguably best behaved, member of the gang baby Alex. Fun times...

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Holly & Ben

Hi everyone, this is my first actual post and I’m am really happy to be here, thanks for stopping by. Lets get things started with some shots of two of my favorite little people, Holly & Ben. Our last shoot got cancelled from the rain, but yesterday it was blue skies and smiles all the way (and a little tree climbing of course)....

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