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Month: July 2010

Friday Faves 01

It seems time to get some wedding goodness on this blog of mine, so here we go. I did not plan to become a wedding photographer, it kind of just found me, well we found each other and the everything seemed to fit just right. Let me take you back…. In 2003 I accepted the job of being Manager of Photography for Hamilton Island Weddings in the beeeeeautiful Whitsundays. This was a job like no other. Hamilton Island was a wedding machine and I was in love. I LOVED my job, the amazing couples, warm weather ALL year, photo locations straight from the Gods and best yet I was shooting 7 days a week (yikes – I think now). I shot and I shot and I shot, I couldn’t get enough (I’m taking 400+ weddings in 1 year people!!!). However, almost two years in, I begun to burn out. This was not part of my plan. My body was telling me to slow down, my mind had 5 weddings to process – tonight! It was at the passing of my beloved Nanna that I came to accept that my time of being immersed in this photographer’s island paradise have an expiry date after all. Now I am back in the big smoke of Melbourne and shooting weddings again, lets say it’s in my blood now. I look back on...

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Last weekend was yet another cold Melbourne winter weekend. So, I rounded up Andrew, Megsy, Mark, Holly, Ben & puppy dog Jess and we hit the coast. As it turns out, an impromptu visit to the beach was just was a wonderful idea (although there was no escaping that cold). Our mini-break mostly consisted of lounging by the fire, wearing our PJ’s way pasts the bounds of actually sleeping and of course playing games on our iPhones. For me as a photographer the iPhones were wonderful at keeping the kids still! (and I made the most of it). Here are a few of my highlight shots. The shots of the kids sleeping just melt me. Bless. I had to share the slightly less cute shot of Mark & Jess snoring on the couch, such a classic. Watching Jess (the dog) get to play in the mud puddle was a blast. She was in doggy heaven I am sure of that. 10 points to Mark for getting us all down to the pier to go fishing. 0 points to all of us who caught zilch. Being a photographer, it’s often hard to know when to put the camera down when I spend time with friends & family. We had planned to do a more formal portrait session at sunset, but we were too busy doing other holiday stuff. So, this more...

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Not so little anymore

In my life there is an abundance of children around me. Most (if not all) of my friends & family have one, two or three bambinos already. I have learnt a lot from all these marvelous little people but more than anything, they make me realise just how fast time flies. Yikes! Here we have a special bunch: Carly (my cousin), Darren, Miss Darcy (my darling God Daughter) and little guy Hamish. Cousin Carly and I are the same age and growing up we were like two peas in a pod.  Now, as adults in our busy lives, catching up is less regular. So it’s was lovely to spend some time photographing Carly and her family in the beautiful Melbourne sunshine last week. Whilst editing these shots I decided to head back through my archives and remind myself of how little Darcy & Hamish used to be. I have included some flashback shots I have taken over the years of both Darcy and Hamish, look how much they’ve grown! Check out that unbelievable cheeky face from Darcy – love it. Ok world, you can slow down just a little now. The power of the photograph never ceases to amaze me. Enjoy, Gemma Flash back time – here we...

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Raspberry Beret

Hey guys, meet Kate. Kate recently approached me to help her get an upated headshot for her acting portfolio. Whilst the indoor headshots were lovely, clearly there was way more fun to be had outdoors. So, Kate, my Canon and I hit the streets of Melbourne and shivered our tooshies off in search of those always elusive winning shots. It was a very crisp morning, the light was sparkly and full of punch, and as you will see, it was super windy too. There was no shortage of flying hair! One of my favorite shots (as always) was the unpredictable moment where a lady walked through frame with her dog, love it. As a photographer, I often find myself trying to “pretty” things up. Yet time and time again, it’s the so called blemishes that make for an interesting shot. Kate was just a delight to photograph. She filled the frame with smiles (even when wearing next to nothing in the cold) and dazzled me with the most amazing shoe collection I’ve seen in a while. I have a lot to learn about shoes. Here are a few of the winners from our...

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