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Month: August 2010

Whirlwind Wedding

What do you get if you mix a tropical island, a wedding and a cyclone together? A day to remember! A few months ago I got a call from Rohan at Hamilton Island Weddings. His resident shooter was off island and he needed me to scoot up and cover for him. Before I knew it, I was back on my old stomping ground, and it was go time. Just as I arrived on island, so too did Cyclone Ului. Far Northern Australia is prone to cyclones and although I have previously lived on Hamilton Island, I had never experienced a Cat 3 cylcone – yikes! So anyway, back to the wedding… I found out within 5 minutes of arriving that Richard & Tania’s Saturday wedding was being pulled back to Friday to avoid the worst of the cyclone, and it was already Friday! I expected Tania to be a little frantic with the last minute changes, but she was totally relaxed and adapted perfectly to the unexpected arrival of Ului and his 200+km per hour winds. In fact, it turns out that Tania had a great love for wild weather and she was quite enjoying it! Yep, Ului could not have picked a better bride to whirl himself around. So Tania & Richard followed Mother Nature’s lead and with some minor adjustments, it was on with the show. Dark gray...

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The search is over – it’s Album time

For as long as I have been a photographer, I have been searching high and low for a display album supplier that was the perfect fit for my photography. In 2010, I am happy to report, we found each other. Yep, it’s love. *Introducing* my funky NEW display albums from Gemma Carr on Vimeo. These are my new display albums and they are exactly what I have been looking for. Check out the video above to get a glimpse of them. In the past my criteria for selecting an album company has been influenced by the gazillion customizing options offered by the album companies. At the start of 2010, I decided it was time to pair up with suppliers that meet MY criteria. From this new viewpoint, things started to fall into place. I basically narrowed my selection process down to the follow 3 key requirements: Classic designs with freedom to implement my style. Quality – ZERO room to skimp here. Only the best for my clients. Would this be THE album that I would want for my own photos? Something that surprised me was that my priorities had shifted, it no longer came down to price, nor did it come down to having 600 front cover combination possibilities. At every step of my research, I imagined I was the client. For my clients I wanted the following: Easy...

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La La Turns One

I was looking through some of my recent shoots and realized that I haven’t yet introduced baby Allanah (La La as we call her). A little over a year ago, my best friend Suse and husband Gav had their first baby, and she’s a little cracker. The arrival of Allanah marked the end of a difficult time for her parents, as they finally became parents. As a best friend, there was nothing more wonderful to witness. It’s easy to see Allanah is surrounded by love, and occasionally my camera. Here are some photographs I have taken of Allanah in her first year, featuring her first birthday party and of course, some flashbacks (this is starting to become a habit). Allanah @ 6 months Allanah @ 11 monthsThe BIG day is here and Allanah wonders what all the fuss is about And now for some flashbacks….. a teeeeeny tiny baby Lala with her proud (& tired) Mum & Dad Three of my faves in one shot. Remember these guys? It’s Super Holly & Ben, you’ll see plenty of them on my blog. They just adore Lala and I love these shots of them trying to console her. Such...

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Roses are red + the dresses are too!

Last post I showed you my favorite wedding photo from the archives. Now, here we have a whooooole wedding. This is the wedding of Chantel and Dean, a beautiful couple who were an absolute dream to photograph. The morning rain eased off and we made the most of the lush green outdoor scenery. Those red dresses…. amazing! The bridal party were highly incorrigible (perfect!)  and SO MUCH FUN. Gotta love a bride that dares to drink bright (stainy) red Berocca, already in her wedding dress. Thank you Chantel and Dean for a fabulous day...

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