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Month: September 2010

Weddings Bells and Moving Boxes

I sit at my computer with a blanket wrapped around me, sipping on boiling water and thinking about all the photos waiting for me to be processed. This is a place I often find myself. It’s a really nice place to be, provided I can keep everything else at bay. This week is our last week living in our rental apartment near the city. For the next few months, my boy, my computer and I are heading to the suburbs to bunk in with the parents whilst we await the completion of our new apartment in early 2011 (thanks lovely parents). Yep, it’s pretty darn exciting! This week is all about moving boxes, scrubbing the shower and selling everything on ebay. It’s also time for me to get busy editing (or wediting as Jennifer Wohrle once tweeted) my weddings from the last weeks. Incase I get lost in removal boxes and blog time is limited, here are a couple of sneek previews of two glorious, and very different, September weddings. The rest to follow soon. 1. Julie & Mick – together 17 years, 3 kids, amazing couple. A-Maze-ing! 2. Sarah & Justin – Sarah’s cheeky face says it all! A very fun day...

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Photo Safari in Melbourne

What do you call a person who you be-friend on twitter and then get to meet in real life? A Twiend perhaps? Isn’t it strangely wonderful when your worlds collide? Well for me, last Sunday, my twitterverse and my “real” worlds came together as Kellee Walsh and I went on a Photo Safari. Kellee is a Sydney based photographer who I met on Twitter, and she just happened to be visiting Melbourne for the weekend, so a Photo Safari was on the cards. With my post wedding shoot hangover in tow (any wedding photographer knows exactly what this feels like) Kellee and I hit the beach, not just any beach. Yep, we went to the only beach in Melbourne, possibly Australia that is full of the cutest scattering of 82 heritage listed beach bathing boxes. A photographers delight! Check them out, they are all jam packed with colour and character which gave me that other-worldly feeling just by being there. In fact, I had never even been there until Kellee suggested it (Great idea Kel). The day was overcast and a hint of spring was in the air, it was portrait time! Introducing the lovely Miss Kellee Walsh and the Brighton Beach boxes. If you have a camera, and are ever in Melbourne, I highly recommend you take a trip together to this very cool part of the coast....

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You Pedal, I’ll Shoot

What do you do on a rainy winters day? Me, I grab my camera and follow my friends around. Recently, one of our planned bike rides got postponed due to the Melbourne rain. The boys decided to ride on the wind trainers in the garage instead. As the boys pedaled their little lungs out, I snapped and snapped away (it’s a workout sometimes you know). Whilst this shoot was, in one way, just me killing time and catching up with friends. It ended up being much more than that. Being in this moment, I wanted to capture THIS moment. It was not significant, or planned, or in a desirable location, I used only the available light. Yet afterwards, these photos to me are significant and capture the intensity of the boys doing something they do countless times a year. This is Andrew and Anthony exactly as I know them, lycra clad and focused. Viewing the world through a camera is the best. I love it. Anything can be interesting, if you only stop and look. Thanks to Andrew & Anthony for being such good...

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The last weekend of winter

On the last weekend of winter we returned to my childhood holiday coast with some friends. It was cold and wintery and at low season it felt like we had the whole of the coast to ourselves. On the Saturday I road my bike along the Great Ocean Road, perhaps my favorite stretch of road in all of Australia. Like many Melbournians, I have passed along it countless times in my life. Always heading for a the beach, always busting with excitement to get there already, always sad when we parted. I didn’t take any photos of my favorite stretch of road, I just pedaled my bike and soaked in all it’s nostalgic goodness. Ok, it’s a road, get a grip Gemma. Besides my euphoric bike ride, the weekend was amazingly relaxing. In between reading the paper and mandatory weekend away nanna naps, I even found some time to potter off to the local lighthouse with my camera. Anyone from Victoria will recognize this place, it’s Airey’s Inlet. These days I find myself shooting a lot with my 50mm, my poor 28-70mm is being rather neglected. Here you will see the tilt shift came along for the ride too. This was my last weekend of winter 2010.  Now, come on spring, it’s time for some sunshine. Shot’s from Airley’s Inlet, also featuring darling little...

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Photogs Who Blog – SURVEY

Hello guys and gals, this blog post is especially for all those photographers of all abilities out there (hello, is anyone there?) As photographers, many of us are undertaking much more than the task of just taking photos, we are also online marketers. And, I want to find out how it’s working out, in the real world for real photographers, just like you. Today I want to look at the other side of this new blogging world of mine and yours. Come with me as I ponder my inner belly button to figure out what this blogging stuff for photographers is all about. I have compiled a short survey which touches on a few items that are prevalent within todays photography industry and I would LOVE your participation. Just click on the pretty link directly below to get started. It took me about 2 hours to figure out how to set up a picture link, but look, I did it! (excited) Don’t even ask me how long the survey took! Once I have a swag of results I will bring them together and share with you. Blogging is a new part of my life, my photography business and my online presence. It’s a creative avenue I have never had before. In a nutshell – I’m excited! How Blogging began for me: In late 2009 I stumbled across a link...

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3 months and 1 day

A lot can happen in 3 months. In 3 months a season will come to pass. In 3 months you’ll need a haircut. In 3 months you will have eaten approx 270 meals. 3 months and 1 day ago baby Bryce was born. In his short time on this earth Bryce has been busy with the usual sleeping, eating and growing that babies do so well (oh those babies have it so good!). Yet in 3 months Bryce has done so much more than just these routine things. In 3 months Bryce has created a family with his mum & dad, he has brought people together and reminded us of how precious life is, he has learned to smile. Congratulations to Nardia, Tony & Bryce. Such warm, giving people. Your happiness is contagious. Here are some photos from our recent session. (Mum & Dad are camera shy by the...

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