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Month: October 2010

Photo Safari #2 (me, my new camera + the woods)

Two days ago, I had one of the BEST mail days ever. I got a lovely cheque from some wedding clients, and I also got something big and black that I’ve been dreaming of for some time. My new camera had arrived!!! So, this morning before the sun was up, my camera and I were up (not my ideal waking hour let me tell you). We drove up the mountain to an amazing location and had the whole hill top to ourselves, I’m still taking about me and my camera you know. The only sounds to be heard were some tweets of the birds and my fabulous shutter in action. I didn’t think a shutter could sound so good! Soon I’ll be used to it, but for our first shoot together, it rates a mention. The verdict…. LOVE. Yep, I LOVE my new camera. I think we’re going to get along just swimmingly. This was my morning today, a little impromptu photo safari is my idea of an excellent start to the day. Now, I need a nap. Enjoy. There will be plenty more photos from my new camera, but the first time is always a bit special hey? Do you remember your first shots on your...

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Sarah & Justin tie the knot

Hey guys, This is Sarah & Justin, they got married a few weeks ago on a stunning Spring day in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley. Justin is super shy, Sarah is the opposite. Sarah works at a bank, Justin works at a chocolate factory. Together they make quite a team. Although I have photographed hundreds of weddings, no two are the same. Each brings it’s own story, drama, joys and surprises. I feel quite blessed to have a job where I get to be part of such a special day. Sarah & Justin welcomed me into their home, their ceremony, their most special of days and we had a ball! This is Justin & Sarah’s wedding day story as I saw it, in pictures....

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Tiptoe through the Tulips

Yesterday we woke up and had the whooooooooooole day free. That’s right, no plans, zip, zero, nuttin’. Between friends, family, cycling & all the worky stuff, that rarely happens, ever. I started to wonder what my camera and I could get up to. A few phone calls later and we were off on our way up the mountains to the annual tulip festival. As far as flowers go, tulips tick all the boxes for me, they are pretty and colourful and they don’t make me sneeze. I don’t expect much more from a flower really. But boy, was I in for a surprise to see just how spectacular an entire field of tulips actually is. It’s truly a photographers dream, the fields were alive with tulips AND photographers. Here’s a few of my frames of the buds and my buddies. Thanks to Tammy for taking a few shots of Andrew & I And Thanks to Helen & Alexandra for helping me with this blog...

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