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Month: November 2010

Holly’s 5th Birthday

For anyone who knows me, you will have heard me talk (a lot) about one very special little person named Holly. Well, it was Holly’s 5th birthday this month and a bunch of us got together to eat cake, play musical statues and celebrate. Hilarious, serious, gentle, determined and exceptionally thoughtful of others, I can’t say enough wonderful stuff about this kid, she’s something special. I tried to capture this with my camera. Love you to bits Holly. Happy...

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Photo Safari #3 A walk in the Rhody’s

Can you spell Rhododendron?  I must confess, a google search was required to double check my spelling, I was getting red underlines all over the place. Well the Rhododendron may be a tricky one to spell, but on all other fronts they are wonderful! A few days ago Amber and I went up into the hills of Melbourne to the magical Rhododendron Gardens, it was photo safari time! (again) The sky was SOOOOO blue, the Rhody’s were SOOOOO beautiful and we shot in the harshest sunlight ever. And, it was ace fun! Amber is a super dooper talented photographic retoucher and a photographer, oh and a very obliging model. Amber and I recently got back in touch with each other and it didn’t take long for us to start discussing photo safari ideas. You see, the beauty of the photo safari is that all you need is your camera and a friend with a camera and before you know it, you are taking the time to create, to see, to explore. Taking time to explore, this is my happy place....

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Workshop Road Trip

This week has been some thing new, a week like none other I have had, a week to treasure. This week I attended a workshop hosted by the super talented Chris & Sarah Rhoads from Seattle. Yep, they came all the way down under to impart some of their amazingness to a small bunch of us very lucky photographers. Bright and early on Tuesday morning I took to the highway, with my Canon in the boot and a truck load of excitement to sustain me for the 8 hr drive. When I drove back home on Thursday, I was still excited. I still had my Canon with me, but I had also acquired some new things to carry with me, not just for the drive, but for my life as a photographer. We photographers are a special bunch and I believe we each have magic powers. Magic powers that allow us into other peoples lives, to record moments, share, create and inspire. I came home with a windscreen full of bugs and a strong note to self : Follow the things that make you come alive in your life. Here are some rather random photos I took during my drive between Melbourne & Canberra A special thanks to the wonderful Christine Pobke for organising the event and to Samm Blake for making a heartfelt guest appearance. Also a big...

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A weekend in the Highlands

This weekend we took a trip up into the Victorian mountains to a special place called Dinner Plain.  We rented a kick-ass house with a blazing open fire and sleep inducing leather couches. The power went out. We napped. We ate like kings. We played charades. The power came back on. There were some close encounters with some icky creepy spiders. We got rained on in the spa bath. We BBQ’d up some massive New York steaks – yum. A big fog settled upon us. We ran out of chocolate. We sang kids songs to baby Max. We took a walk in the rain. We also took a walk in the hail. We got muddy on the 4WD tracks and…. we took some photos. This was a special place yes, but even better was spending time with friends who are so darn wonderful. Here are some of my photos from our weekend away. Featured in these shot are Adrian & Shirley, Dave & Fel with the ridiculously cute Max Danger, my boy Andrew and the 10 out of 10 doggy “Oreo”. P.S – LOVING my new...

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