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Month: April 2011

Happy Easter!

Its the Easter Holidays here in Australia, that means chocolate bunnies and time with friends. We were planning to go away to the coast, but as it turns out, we kind of want to just potter in our new home. Nerds, yes we are. Recently Andrew and I took a trip to Brisbane for a friends wedding, as guests (very fun!). I took my camera along, but resisted taking it to the actual wedding. So, here are a mix of shots from our fun weekend back in my old state of QLD. Oh QLD I do miss you. Wishing you and your loved one’s a super dooper happy Easter....

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Bikes and the Beach

At my new desk from my new home I am trawling through folders and folders of images. Images I am planning to blog. You see, the only hiccup with moving home is that it’s rather all consuming and things like weekly blog posts get left aside as the moving boxes swallow me up. So, I decided that some of these images from three past few months may be a little late but I really wanted to share them with you. My blog is little. Right here it’s just you and me. my small (wonderful) collection of of loyal readers. I often wrestle with what images to blog, wondering if my shots are worth blogging? What if my posts are getting repetitive? Am I sharing too much or not enough? Oh the joys of blogging. Life is full of what ifs and really they are a bit pointless. So, I say thumbs down to wondering about the what ifs and thumbs up to all the posibilities we have. Here is a mixed bag of photos from a really special trip we took with a bunch of friends, some old, some new. We went down the coast for a big muddy mountain bike race, surrounded by lots of pasta, pretty birds and some exploring on the beach. Featuring Dave, Fel, Max, Jed, Susan, Andrew, Adrian and Shirley – at Apollo...

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Before – Maternity Session

This is Tammy. A few weeks ago we caught up for a maternity session. We drank tea, we laughed and we took some photos. This is Tammy before. Before the night feeds. Before pushing the pram. Before knowing his cry from all the others. Before the rocking to sleep. Before Leo William arrived and changed their lives forever. Congratulations to Tammy & Eric on the safe arrival of their beautiful baby son Leo. Your happiness is our...

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