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Month: May 2011

Denise, Kelvin & Byron – At Home, Melbourne

I had not yet met baby Byron. He woke up to me and my big black camera, in his room, on his special day. He woke up with smiles and plenty of curiosity. Charming. This day was Byron’s first birthday party. So, on Byron’s first birthday I wanted to capture Byron and his family just how they are, doing what they normally do, and celebrating with their loved ones. (This seems to be a re-occuring theme for me whenever I pick up my camera). We started with some family photos in the garden and before we knew it the party began. It’s pretty cool to see how much one little person can bring so many other people together. It was wonderful to meet you Byron, and your lovely Mum & Dad, and all your party guests. I hope that whenever you look at these photos that you can see just how loved you are. P.S – Denise, thanks for my Aloe Vera plant, it’s going great in my new...

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A morning at home

A few weeks ago I photographed a very pregnant Tammy. Now, Tammy is not so pregnant and ever so Mummy! Baby Leo has arrived, so what better occasion for a photo shoot? Here are a series of portraits I took of Leo, at home with his doting mum & dad, Tammy and Eric. Taking photo’s in someone’s home is wonderful. Through my camera I see their world, no backdrops, no big production. Just them. I am learning that this is my favorite way to shoot. I can’t look at these photos without feeling the love. Just love, everywhere....

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Post #39 – Happy Birthday Alex

Don’t you hate when you type up a heartfelt, revised and considered blog post, and then whooooosh it’s lost?!!!! Well, that just happened to me. So, I’ll try to rememer what line of though I was running with, or hopefully come up with something better. Surely it’s the computer universe way of telling me my words were not quite right? Yes, that must be it. It’s now way past my bedtime, but I wanted to share some images with you from a recent, very special 1st birthday. Sometimes I take my camera along with me on an outing. Other times I prefer to leave all the heavy equipment behind, I rarely regret doing so, I’m much better at it now. And, occasionally, a friend will ask me to bring my camera along. Recently my friend Maxine (with a smashed lens) asked me to bring my camera along to her daughters party. I’m really glad she asked. It’s often at times like this that I am pushed to take photos, that I am reminded of how important my photography is to me, how much I love it. Alex, what can I say about such a sweet sweet darling girl? I guess to put it into words, she lights up our lives in the way only those little people can. Happy Birthday darling Alex –...

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