For as long as I have been a photographer, I have been searching high and low for a display album supplier that was the perfect fit for my photography.

In 2010, I am happy to report, we found each other. Yep, it’s love.

*Introducing* my funky NEW display albums from Gemma Carr on Vimeo.

These are my new display albums and they are exactly what I have been looking for. Check out the video above to get a glimpse of them.

In the past my criteria for selecting an album company has been influenced by the gazillion customizing options offered by the album companies.

At the start of 2010, I decided it was time to pair up with suppliers that meet MY criteria. From this new viewpoint, things started to fall into place. I basically narrowed my selection process down to the follow 3 key requirements:

  1. Classic designs with freedom to implement my style.
  2. Quality – ZERO room to skimp here. Only the best for my clients.
  3. Would this be THE album that I would want for my own photos?

Something that surprised me was that my priorities had shifted, it no longer came down to price, nor did it come down to having 600 front cover combination possibilities.

At every step of my research, I imagined I was the client. For my clients I wanted the following:

  1. Easy to understand ordering options
  2. A small selection of top quality products
  3. Room to customize number of pages and album size
  4. An album that makes the photos look nothing short of fabulous!

Taking photos is the fun part of my job. Displaying them in a beautiful way is rewarding. However, creating lasting memories is the powerful significance of my job.

I imagine my clients opening their wedding album in 30 years time, showing it to future generations, proudly. It’s been looked at over the years with warmth. Sometimes people have cried, wished they had been there, or remembered someone special.

So, when I take your photos and put them in an album, I do so with love.

Do you have a photo album that means something special to you? I’d love to hear about it.

Albums features:
A delicious genuine leather cover, in a selection of colours.
Sizes available are 8″X8″, 10″X10″ and 12″X12″ + mini size 4″X4″
Real actual photographic prints, using traditional photographic print processing. The photos appreciate this (and you will too)
All albums are come in a black & white sleeve (as pictured) for protection, plus they are super stylish.