This weekend we took a trip up into the Victorian mountains to a special place called Dinner Plain.  We rented a kick-ass house with a blazing open fire and sleep inducing leather couches. The power went out. We napped. We ate like kings. We played charades. The power came back on. There were some close encounters with some icky creepy spiders. We got rained on in the spa bath. We BBQ’d up some massive New York steaks – yum. A big fog settled upon us. We ran out of chocolate. We sang kids songs to baby Max. We took a walk in the rain. We also took a walk in the hail. We got muddy on the 4WD tracks and…. we took some photos.

This was a special place yes, but even better was spending time with friends who are so darn wonderful. Here are some of my photos from our weekend away.

Featured in these shot are Adrian & Shirley, Dave & Fel with the ridiculously cute Max Danger, my boy Andrew and the 10 out of 10 doggy “Oreo”.

P.S – LOVING my new camera