A few weeks ago I put up a blog post about our trip to the Barossa Valley. Check it out here The Baroosa blog post featured images that were truly an extension of myself. My brain to camera signals were all aligned, I was in my happy place. It all came easily to me.

Since that blog post, I am having trouble knowing what to do next. How can I better my previous creations? (Hence why I have been a little quiet on my blogging of late).

So, I didn’t blog last week. But I am working on a super dooper big post to follow in the coming days.

In the mean time, here is an image that was in the mix this week. It’s the beach, and I’m a bit of a beach lover. It’s another of my happy places.

May your week ahead be full of blue skies and you find the things that come easily to you.

Love, Gemma