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Category: Portrait

Before – Maternity Session

This is Tammy. A few weeks ago we caught up for a maternity session. We drank tea, we laughed and we took some photos. This is Tammy before. Before the night feeds. Before pushing the pram. Before knowing his cry from all the...

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Happy Birthday Mark

I know I should probarly be putting up blog posts about my photography work. But the joy I get from photography is often when I am out of work mode and photographing the people and places that are close to my heart. Besides, who...

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You Pedal, I’ll Shoot

What do you do on a rainy winters day? Me, I grab my camera and follow my friends around. Recently, one of our planned bike rides got postponed due to the Melbourne rain. The boys decided to ride on the wind trainers in the...

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3 months and 1 day

A lot can happen in 3 months. In 3 months a season will come to pass. In 3 months you’ll need a haircut. In 3 months you will have eaten approx 270 meals. 3 months and 1 day ago baby Bryce was born. In his short time on this...

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