You’re here! Yes, you, the person at the screen reading my blog. THANK YOU!

I must apologise for the blog drought that has engulfed me of late, but I do have an excuse…

For the past month we have been busy moving into our new home. It’s ours and and it’s totally wonderful! And… I have my own office! (more about all the new home stuff to follow) So, between the moving boxes and taking lots of photos and waiting for internet access, my blog suffered some neglect. Well neglect no more! How about I stop talking about not blogging and show you some photos? Yep.

Last week I took my camera for a visit to Mark & Jess’. It’s a pretty special time in their house right now as they have very recenlty added a new sweet little bubby to the family. Featured here are bubby Levi, big brother Jet, with parents Jess & Mark. Love you guys.

See you soon,