What makes a kid smile bigger than on Christmas morning? A real life steam train that you can dangle your legs out of – yes please!!! This was our trip on Puffing Billy, Melbourne’s best-est and tootiest scenic railway. The train winds it’s way through the mountain side and that’s really nice. Dangling your legs out of a moving train, also quite fun. But, for me, the most fun was being with and photographing my darling nieces and nephew Leah, Josh & Holly. (and the grown ups of course too) You may notice a lack of actual train photos, yeah, sorry about that but between the leg dangling and auntie duties, the train kind of got lost in the background.

These are photos from my everyday life. Nothing staged. Just as it was. Just as I saw it. Something that day inspired me to look through my 50mm and make a some photographs. Other days I prefer not to. These are not just pretty pictures, these are moments of my family life. And that is why photographs are SO IMPORTANT to me.

Why are photographs important to you?