I sit at my computer with a blanket wrapped around me, sipping on boiling water and thinking about all the photos waiting for me to be processed. This is a place I often find myself. It’s a really nice place to be, provided I can keep everything else at bay.

This week is our last week living in our rental apartment near the city. For the next few months, my boy, my computer and I are heading to the suburbs to bunk in with the parents whilst we await the completion of our new apartment in early 2011 (thanks lovely parents). Yep, it’s pretty darn exciting!┬áThis week is all about moving boxes, scrubbing the shower and selling everything on ebay. It’s also time for me to get busy editing (or wediting as Jennifer Wohrle once tweeted) my weddings from the last weeks.

Incase I get lost in removal boxes and blog time is limited, here are a couple of sneek previews of two glorious, and very different, September weddings. The rest to follow soon.

1. Julie & Mick – together 17 years, 3 kids, amazing couple. A-Maze-ing!

2. Sarah & Justin – Sarah’s cheeky face says it all! A very fun day indeed.