What do you get if you mix a tropical island, a wedding and a cyclone together? A day to remember!

A few months ago I got a call from Rohan at Hamilton Island Weddings. His resident shooter was off island and he needed me to scoot up and cover for him. Before I knew it, I was back on my old stomping ground, and it was go time. Just as I arrived on island, so too did Cyclone Ului.

Far Northern Australia is prone to cyclones and although I have previously lived on Hamilton Island, I had never experienced a Cat 3 cylcone – yikes! So anyway, back to the wedding… I found out within 5 minutes of arriving that Richard & Tania’s Saturday wedding was being pulled back to Friday to avoid the worst of the cyclone, and it was already Friday! I expected Tania to be a little frantic with the last minute changes, but she was totally relaxed and adapted perfectly to the unexpected arrival of Ului and his 200+km per hour winds. In fact, it turns out that Tania had a great love for wild weather and she was quite enjoying it! Yep, Ului could not have picked a better bride to whirl himself around.

So Tania & Richard followed Mother Nature’s lead and with some minor adjustments, it was on with the show. Dark gray sky made an interesting change to the always blue Whitsunday waters and I can’t help but feel that these guys got a true tropical wedding, unlike any other. Here are a few of the highlights of the very spunky Tania & Richard, you’ll see despite the weather, there was certainly no shortage of smiles.

The morning after: Here are some photos of Hamilton Island on Sunday after Ului had past through. She looked a bit hung over. Luckily no one was hurt and property damage was minimal, although the deck chairs did need to be rescued from the pool.

Check out this highly technical weather chart, we watched Cyclone Ului roll in, a tad scary at the time.

Oh, and before I go…. as the airport was closed for 2 days I was stranded on the Island for a little longer than planned. During this time I enjoyed taking photos of the new (and totally amazing) Yacht Club building. This building is a new addition to the place I used to call home, so I was very intrigued. Stepping into this yacht shaped building you literally feel like you are in the inner workings of a yacht. My camera and I appreciate unique architecture, so we were in for a treat.

Taking time for personal photos like these is food for my creativity. I should do it more often. Or perhaps I should just visit tropical islands more often?

Being on Hamilton Island is always quite special. Happening to be there at the same time as the cyclone was a crazy coincidence and seeing it through to the other side was pure relief. (phew)

It was wonderful to visit my old island home again and see so many friendly faces.

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