& Welcome

I’m Gemma, I specialise in Contemporary, Natural Portraiture for businesses AND families.

Which really means… I take photos for BUSINESS OWNERS who want more of the good stuff (sales, bookings, dream clients) AND also for FAMILIES who want photos that are jam-packed with their unique personalities and love.

I’ll give you a lil’ break down…


Part of a business being seen in this scrolly-rolly world is through top notch imagery. So I work with business owners to help elevate their brand, find their visual voice and shout it out loud! It’s really fun and satisfying to see brands grow by adding high quality images to their story.


This genre is near and dear to me, I’ve been doing this for over 20+ years! And Every. Single. Time. I photography a family they LOVE it! It brings people together, you’ll laugh and enjoy each other’s company as we create a priceless time capsule of the love in your family unit, right now.

Do you have photos of yourself, your family, your business that you truly love and feel proud of? I believe everyone should!

I welcome you to meet with me, to discuss your ideas and see all of the fabulous photography product options that are available to you.

When I’m not taking photos, I am busy with my young family. Life is wonderfully busy!

Get in touch HERE to find out how we can get busy creating your portraits soon. I’d love to hear your story.

- Gemma

Portraits of me by the lovely Sophie from Sister Scout Studio