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Behind the lens


Photographer. Mother. Speed-skater. 

It's all true, even the skating part.


I used to go around and around in circles.

This is what you would have found me doing back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s - on inline speed skates! Yep, I was speedy, fit and hard to catch. I was a national champion at the marathon distance, and competed at three world championships. Eventually, I decided it was time to hang up my skates and focus 100% on photography. Nowadays, my skating is limited to fun only!

My formative career years were spent on a tropical island.

In 2003 I moved to Hamilton Island and became the resident Wedding Photographer. During my time in this tropical paradise I photographed over 800 weddings; often as many as six in one day! It was hectic, fun and the learning curve was steep. I met hundreds of beautiful people and it remains a highlight of my career.

I’m lucky to have enjoyed two decades of creative bliss.

After my time on Hamilton Island I returned to Melbourne full of ambition, ready to hone my skills in other areas of photography and spread my creative wings far and wide.

I’ve now been snapping photos for over 20 years! When I first picked up a camera in high school, little did I know that we would be joined at the hip for life. After a while, the decision to be a photographer was easy, and I never looked back.


A few of my favourite things…





For me, it’s hard to beat beach time with my kids, watching and listening to the rain (not when a photoshoot is planned!) and soaking up the heat in front of my fire on a winter's day. 



A force for good

My most powerful work happens when collaborating with businesses that are consciously trying to reduce the negative impact on our environment. Helping spread their important message of sustainability through my imagery really matters to me.




I love nothing better than getting right behind women who lead, speak out against injustice and try to make our world more equal and sustainable.


Want to work together?

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