What type of photography do I actually NEED?


So, you’re a business owner and know you need some images, but you’re not exactly sure which style of photography you need?

As a photographer, even I sometimes get confused about the names and genre's of photography. Is it a headshot? I need or a personal branding photoshoot? What's the difference between lifestyle and editorial product photography?

It's enough to give anyone a brain fry. 

So, here is my attempt at breaking this all down for you, and should you ever need photography, you'll know what services to go on the hunt for:





In a nutshell, commercial photography means taking photos for commercial use. And by commercial, this means for business, for sales, for money. Commercial photography is often associated with advertisements, sales pitches, brochures, product placements as well as merchandising.


Editorial photography refers to the pictures in a magazine that aren't ads. The photographs that go along with the articles – even the cover of the magazine.

This could be product, portrait or landscape photography. 


Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography that mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. ... Thus, it covers multidisciplinary types of photography together.

Have you ever caught yourself looking at a picture of a delicious meal and feeling hungry? Food photography works really well with this approach, an in situation scene makes you feel like you can experience the meal just by looking at it. Yum!



A whole-business branding shoot captures just that: your whole business! Sometimes the best way to tell people what you do is SHOW them. Photography of your business in action cuts through the noise and gets straight to the heart of what you do.

This includes photos of staff portraits, your business processes and where you do business. All of these elements come together to tell the story of your unique brand and what your points of difference are.

Whole business branding will dig deep and reveal all the ways that your business so brilliant and show the reasons why people would want to work with you.


In a fast paced digital world, putting a face to a name is vital. With the rise of the personal brand, it's no surprise that this genre is really popular right now.

A personal branding photoshoot is all about showing off your style and personality, to the max!

If you are a sole trader and trying to build a brand, it’ll become obvious pretty quickly that a customised image library is essential to your success.

Generally, a personal branding photoshoot will include a few wardrobe changes to create some different “looks” and a variety of locations. These images can then provide a launch pad to talk about your personal brand and the values, vision and purpose that drives you. 

My personal branding clients complete a detailed questionnaire prior to their photoshoot so we can plan out the location(s), colours and overall feel to their images.

After your personal branding session, you should have a suite of high quality images that really highlight your key strengths and point of difference. You can then splash these images across ALL of your marketing and help people get to know you and your brand.


A headshot photoshoot is similar to a personal branding photoshoot in that the essence of you should be the main focus. However, a headshot is usually a shorter time with your photographer and all photos are taken to just feature your head and shoulders.

A headshot is generally quite a clear, front on photo that is to show people who you and your team are.

Whether it be formal headshots or more informal photos of what your team gets up to on any given day, images of your people doing what they do best are a guaranteed way to show your business in its best light. Headshots are perfect for your profile images, avatars and email signatures etc. 

When photographing a whole team of staff, it’s important to have a sense of continuity between all your headshots. This means planning ahead and booking your photography in on a day that everyone is available, such as AGM, monthly staff meetings, conferences etc. Once a style is decided, all staff will be photographed in a similar fashion making this process quick and straightforward.


If you’re in the business of selling things, then a beautifully shot bank of imagery can help get your goods running out the door.

Professional product photography can be clean and minimal, bringing strong focus in on your product. Or more with a lifestyle look, meaning the images are not just showing your product but they are using your product to tell a story in situation.


If you’ve dipped your toes into the world of Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, you’ll understand how invaluable a bank of high-quality photography can be for your business. Having regularly refreshed images on-hand takes the headache out of sourcing content and creates a consistent look and feel for your social media channels.

Image content creation is all about building an ongoing, ever evolving bank of images for your business. Enough to keep you rolling out content ALL YEAR! 

Imagine never having to go in search of the perfect image to accompany your text content, it’s all there ready to go.

This can include product photography, staff portraits, behind the scenes and your business in action. It’s a combination of ALL the genres.


Do you host a live event and need some images to help promote it? Detailed imagery of your live event will build your image bank even further and create a lively suite of content to call upon for future marketing. This often includes coverage of people, locations, details and products provided at your event. Perfect for workshops, seminars, expos and presentations. 

As you see, there’s a lot of overlap across the genre’s of photography.

Personal Branding Portriat

Personal Branding Portriat

Personal Branding Portrait

Personal Branding Portrait

Gemma Carr